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 What is Breakfree?

Breakfree is a smarter way to lose weight and keep it off

You will work with a qualified health coach who understands your unique
struggles and challenges.
Your coach will help you create a realistic plan; will show you how to stick to it;
and will keep you focused, supported, accountable and on track.
By working smarter, and not harder, we will coach you to gain the required skills and sustainable habits that will reward you with a lifetime of good health at your confident weight - all without needing to diet, count calories, take supplements, or rely on fads, gadgets, gimmicks or willpower ever again.

No hype. No fluff. We deliver simple, personalised, and science-based solutions so you can get back in charge of your body and your life.


 Why it Works

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Tailored just for you

Forget the one-size-fits-all approaches to weight loss. Your program is uniquely personalised to your own needs, health, fitness, metabolism, habits, goals, challenges, motivations, emotions, lifestyle and preferences (and, if required, even your genetics).

A Smarter Plan

No diets. No Shakes. No unrealistic exercise plans. No pills. No gimmicks. No short term quick fixes. Instead of setting you up for failure, we will help you set realistic goals and create a realistic plan that fits in with your own life circumstances. We will focus on your individual challenges and whatever area(s) need the most attention (eating, nutrition, exercise, movement, sleep, stress, motivation, emotions).

1-on-1 Support & Accountability

Most plans fail because life gets in the way and your motivation falls. That's why your weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions and the unlimited support of your personal coach (via telephone, email and SMS) will guarantee success by keeping you accountable and on track.

We show you how

Just telling you what to do will never be enough. That's why other programs fail to deliver lasting results. We're more interested in showing you, step-by-step, exactly how to succeed for the long term. So we'll focus on showing you how to overcome any internal blocks (selftalk, fears, doubts, emotions, procrastination) and any external challenges (time, other people, 'stuff') that may be keeping you stuck and undermining your progress.

No to Willpower

Willpower may get you started with weight loss, but sooner or later it'll run out. Lifestyle change is never easy, but it certainly doesn't need to involve pain, hardship, deprivation or willpower. That's why we'll show you how to create an environment where the best choice for your weight is always the easy and obvious one.

Yes to Skillpower

Anyone can lose weight (even with the craziest strategy). But keeping it off requires a completely different set of skills. That's why we'll teach you how to be solution-focused and remain committed (even when your motivation falls); how to be self-accountable and deal with setbacks; how to overcome self-sabotaging habits like perfectionism, procrastination and mindless eating; how to better respond to your own unhelpful thoughts and emotions; and how to manage stress and set clear boundaries with others. It all adds up to making lasting weight loss a reality.

Based on Science

Using the latest evidence and proven strategies from the fields of lifestyle medicine, health coaching, mind-body medicine, neuroplasticity, epigenetics and behaviour change psychology, we will create a tailored program to address your physical, emotional and motivational struggles with weight.

  How it Works

Your Breakfree Program will have 3 parts

Assessment & Program CreationBefore we begin, we will take the time to learn more about you, your health, and what you're really struggling with.

Our thorough Metabolic, Health and Lifestyle Assessment will enable us to understand your goals, needs, and preferences; your health status, lifestyle habits, personal circumstances and individual challenges.

We will then make some key recommendations with how your individual program should be structured. Depending on your needs, you will then get to choose one or two focus areas (eating, nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress) around which we will create the plan that will enable you to start making some lasting and positive changes. 

Weekly Coaching & SupportEach week you will meet with your health coach in-person or via telephone. During these 60-90 minute Strategy Sessions your coach will guide you through each step of your program; provide you with new skills and strategies; answer your questions; and help you set goals, create action plans, and address any obstacles or challenges.

We will specifically target what's keeping you stuck and getting in your way (mindless eating, comfort eating, stress, overwhelm, lack of motivation, procrastination, self-sabotage, other people, hormones etc...). This is the key to moving you forward with confidence, clarity, and a sense of control. You'll finally have a defined path and plan that works for you.

You will leave each session with renewed focus, confident in your ability to implement your plan and take the action steps necessary to create new habits and reach your weekly goal.


Group WorkshopsIn-between your weekly Strategy Sessions your health coach will continue to provide support (as much or as little as you like) via telephone, email, and text message

In addition, for bullet proof accountability, you will have access to our online accountability platform (via an app on your computer, tablet, or smartphone) to log your daily habits and actions.
We know that success only comes from establishing new routines and habits...and then doing them consistently. Our web-portal and app will keep you focused and on track and provides yet another way of communicating regularly with your coach.
(If you don't have internet access or just don't like technology, don't worry. We have many other ways of keeping you accountable) 

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What you Get

Option 1


2-Month Program
6 x Private Sessions




Get yourself "unstuck" and on the right path towards food and weight freedom 


Health & Lifestyle Assessment 
Tailored Realistic Plan
Program Content, Tools & Resources
Dedicated Access to Your Personal Health Coach (Advice, Coaching, Support and Accountability)

3 x 60-90min. Strategy Sessions per month

4 x Follow-up Support Calls per month
(That's 4 to 5 hours of dedicated 1:1 support p/m)
Daily Check-in with Your Coach

Unlimited Email Access 
Unlimited Text Message Support


Join (2 Months)
1 x Single Payment

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Option 2


6-Month Program
18 x Private Sessions

From $315 per month


Create the Habit-Set, the Skill-Set and the Mind-Set to completely transform your relationship with food, reclaim your health and get back in charge of your weight once and for all

Health & Lifestyle Assessment
Tailored Realistic Plan
Program Content, Tools & Resources
Dedicated Access to Your Personal Health Coach (Advice, Coaching, Support and Accountability)
3 x 60-90min. Strategy Sessions per month
4 x Follow-up Support Calls per month
(That's 4 to 5 hours of dedicated 1:1 support p/m)
Daily Check-in with Your Coach

Unlimited Email Access
Unlimited Text Message Support

Money Back Guarantee*

Join (6 Months)
1 x Single Payment
$1890 (save 25%)

 Join (6 Months)
2 x Split Payments
2 x $1070 (save 15%)

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*Satisfaction Guarantee

Breakfree just works. If, anytime within 30 days of commencing our 6-month program, you're not happy - we'll gladly refund your money. No questions asked.
You have nothing to lose.
So don't wait - join Breakfree and start changing your life today.
(Guarantee applies to 6-month Program only)

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