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Are You Still Waiting for the Perfect Time to Lose Weight and Get Healthy?

Posted by on in General
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Are you still waiting for the perfect time?The first step on your weight loss journey is one of the hardest steps you'll ever take.

You know something needs to change if you want to reach your health and weight loss goals, but from what you've seen those changes require time and energy that you just don't have. In your experience, those changes spell a lot of hard work and deprivation. Yuk!

And so you start bargaining with yourself:

"Next Monday I'll begin."
"As soon as we get back from holidays, I'm full steam ahead."
"It's my big 4-0 next month. Getting fit will be my birthday present to myself."
"I'll just get through this divorce and then nothing will be able to stop me."
"When things quieten down at work, I'll get started"

Blah blah blah.

You figure that should give you just enough time to sample every last unhealthy food and get it out of your system; or allow you to bank just a few more sleep ins before you hunker down and get serious.

And it's just so easy to justify.

It makes sense to start with a clean slate and a significant date.
It makes sense to wait until you can do it right and not fall off the wagon at all.
It makes sense to wait until the perfect time.

Thinking along these lines means that you have built weight loss (and creating a healthy lifestyle) up to be a burden rather than an opportunity.

And there will always be another (seemingly valid) reason to avoid starting right now.

I'll start when...

I'll start.....
when I have more time; more energy; more money; more motivation; more willpower
when the kids are older

when mum's out of hospital
when I feel more like it
when I get that new job
when I get fitter
when it's not so hot; so cold; so wet
when I put on just one more kilo
when my doctor tells me I have to year.....

Let's face it. Procrastination is what we do best.

It lets us off the hook; it gives us a reason not to do something that'll push us out of our comfort zone.
We get to avoid experiencing the uncomfortable and often messy realities that making changes causes.

Making lifestyle changes is rarely quick, easy, painless or comfortable.

But that's exactly what we usually want: instant results with minimal effort.
And therein lies the problem.

It will always be easier to stay in bed, than to get up and go for a walk.
It will always be easier to grab the take-away, than cook a meal.
It will always be easier to do nothing and keep the status quo, than plan for change and take committed action.

And when we determine, even unconsciously, that we'd prefer to keep our lives running on 'easy', justifying it to ourselves becomes automatic.

Procrastination is code for 'I'm scared'

Of course, at the heart of procrastination and 'waiting for the perfect time' is some kind of fear.
A fear of taking a risk.
A fear of getting uncomfortable.
A fear of failure.
Or possibly even a fear of success.

Fear is perfectly normal and natural. But when it prevents you from taking action, reaching your goals, and being the person you really want to be, it keeps you stuck.

Change avoiders displace a lot of time and energy avoiding, waiting, and justifying their lack of progress.

Change embracers, despite experiencing all the same fears, are the ones taking action, the ones growing, thriving and reaching their health and weight loss goals.

Are you ready to become a change embracer...starting now?

1. Realize there is no such thing as the perfect time

Life is busy and messy and it looks set to stay that way for the foreseeable future. Something is always going to come up and something is always going to get in the way of your best laid plans....but only if you allow it to.

You know that realistically you should have begun this journey years ago; but that doesn't mean it's too late to start now. What you do have is today and one little decision for this day is exactly what you need to power you through to tomorrow.

2. Make it a lifestyle choice, not a once-off event

When you're stuck in the mindset of waiting for the perfect time, you're also really saying to yourself that there'll be a start and a stop to the changes you want to make.

But losing weight and staying healthy does not have a use-by date. If a healthy lifestyle is the goal, then success isn't about a one junk-food free month, a 10-day juice fast, or a 30-day detox.

When you're ready to move away from the quick fix mindset to focus on creating permanent changes with your nutrition, movement, and life-balance, you'll also realise there's nothing to be gained in waiting.

3. Start at the beginning

A lot of the stress and procrastination about beginning is because you think you need to make radical changes to your entire lifestyle all at once. I'm quite happy to burst your bubble here and tell you that it doesn't work that way. 'All-or-nothing' just isn't sustainable.

If you're finding it difficult to get started, you're first step is simply just too big.

The truth is that lifestyle change happens in the hundreds of little decisions that you make daily. And there's no way you can start changing them all at once. That's just way too overwhelming.

Your first step (and indeed your second and third) doesn't have to be earth shattering. In fact, it's best if it isn't.

It could be the decision to create a shopping list of healthy snack ideas; the decision to grab an apple instead of the muesli bar; the decision to park a bit further away from work; the decision to take a bottle of water to the office; the decision to plan ahead for tomorrow night's dinner; the decision to go to bed earlier instead of watching another 30-minutes of TV.

When you look at a healthy lifestyle from this angle you have hundreds of opportunities to start and make a positive change each and every day.
Just pick one. Make it a habit. Then move on to another. And then another. Sure, it won't be fast; but it will be sustainable. And it's the only way that really works in the end.

4. Quit trying to be perfect

You won't be able to resist the dessert buffet sometimes.
At some stage you will knowingly turn your alarm off and go back to sleep.
You will take a casual stroll instead of a jog because you couldn't be bothered.
Or maybe you'll stay on the couch and skip the walk altogether.
And that's okay. It doesn't mean you should give up and wait until next Monday (or next January) to start again though.

Recognise that trying to do things perfectly (or not at all) is a big part of the problem here.

You need to quit being so hard on yourself. Self-criticism is a major threat to starting, let alone sticking with a weight loss journey. Don't make it a character assassination; just pick yourself up and try again in your next opportunity.

When you're trying to create a new habit, you need to be willing to suck at it first.

And just when you think you've finally nailed it, you have to be willing to stuff up again...and again...and again.

It doesn't mean you've failed. It simply means you're human.

5. Expect resistance

Isn't it always the way? As soon as you make a commitment to get out and walk every morning before breakfast, it rains for a week straight.
It's inevitable that the day you forget your lunch is free doughnut day at the office.
And when you went to the gym you were punished with such sore muscles that you can hardly move.
You must be doing something wrong, right?

Starting something new can feel like you're rowing against the current in a major way. It's hard. It's messy. It's uncomfortable. It feels like you'll never get traction. Yep, it sucks big time!

The tide does turn though, and before you know it you are riding the waves. And even when the tide turns back again (and it always does), you'll be surprised at the extra strength you have to hold your own this time. Just hang in there.

Experiencing resistance and feeling like giving up is both normal and natural. In fact, it's an essential part of the change process.

6. Get support

If you're serious enough to become a change embracer then you need someone to hold you to it. Someone to call you to action, remind you of the bigger picture, help you break it down into bite size chunks, and encourage you when you're just not feeling it.

You could call on your spouse, a friend, a workout buddy or a mentor who has already traveled the path you are heading down; but there is another option - a health coach.

The truth is everybody is as busy as you are and everybody has only a bit of the puzzle to offer you.
A health coach is different. They work to understand your motives, your lifestyle, your restrictions and your goals, and help you design a lifestyle that is sustainable for the long term. They provide accountability and encouragement and help you develop independence and confidence in your abilities so you can go it alone and stay the course.

The Bottom Line

  • There's no such thing as the perfect time.
    It will always be easier to start tomorrow, next week, next month or never. Your mind will always find a reason not to do it now...but only if you let it.

  • Change is a process, not an event
    Creating and maintaining your most healthy weight isn't a once-only event. It's an ongoing process that doesn't have an end date. It's not the 100 metre sprint, but more like a marathon with no finish line. So quit trying to time your entry.

  • You just need to make a start (preferably at the beginning).
    Don't try and change everything all at once. You don't need to be the new you by next Sunday. Just begin with the smallest possible step...something you can do today...right now.

  • Expect that it won't be easy in the beginning.
    Changing stuff is messy and uncomfortable. But in the end, so too is not changing because it keeps you stuck and struggling. Take small steps, push through, build momentum, and it will get easier.

  • You don't have to do it perfectly.
    Remember, it's progress we're after, not perfection.

  • Seek out support.
    You're much more likely to achieve your health and weight loss goals if you have someone else showing you the way; keeping you accountable and consistent. The road to success is mostly paved by people who don't travel it alone.

If you're sick of the sound of your own excuses, don't let them stand in your way any longer. Embrace the change you need to make. And realise today is the perfect day after all. Right now, this moment is all you have. So what are you waiting for?

Do you need some help getting started?
Do you need some help overcoming procrastination?
Do you need some help overcoming resistance?
Do you need some help with your tendency to always do things perfectly...or not at all?

If you'd like some help taking that first step (or even the second and third), we'd be glad to give you some guidance and support.

That's what we do best.

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