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What's the Best Diet for Me?

Posted by on in Food, Eating & Nutrition
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Diet confusion

Vegetarian or vegan?
Gluten free or sugar free?
Paleo or low fat?
Low GI or calorie controlled?
Low carb or intermittent fasting?
Mediterranean or high protein?
Raw food or organic?

"I'm confused, which diet should I be following?"

Here at Breakfree, this is the question we get asked more than any other.

We all crave to find that universal, infallible diet that will help us lose weight and stay healthy. We all want the fit and fabulous results, but hunting down the ideal diet that will give them to us is overwhelming and downright confusing.

So let's take a proper look at how you should go about finding the best nutritional plan for you.

The quest for the perfect diet is fueling a billion dollar industry and yet the answer is still seemingly elusive. There is always a new fad diet trending in the media that promises to be 'the one'. Science is constantly updating us on foods that are no longer healthy or suddenly are healthy after all. Every other week a new and exotic superfood is revealed that needs to be in our diet now.

Let's face it. There's conflicting advice everywhere. Excess fat will lead to weight gain. No, it's carbs that are the real enemy. We're meant to eat like our cavemen ancestors. Glycaemic index is what really counts. Sugar is toxic. Saturated fat is bad for you, or is it now good for you?

We understand your frustration.

But here's the simple truth
Are you ready for it? Take a deep breath...

One diet does not fit all! There is no universal best diet.
It is possible to be healthy and fit and lose weight on many different diets.

The fact that new diet approaches and philosophies are continually being developed, argued upon, implemented, and then replaced, is proof that the perfect 'recipe' doesn't exist. And it never will.

Whether you are vegan or Paleo, fussy or adventurous, stick to three set meals a day or five smaller ones, are a green smoothie guzzler or a self-confessed carb addict, you can still lose weight and keep it off.

How can that be?

It starts with you

It's time to get rid of all the labels and polarising nutrition opinions and take a fresh look at what healthy eating really means.

Here at Breakfree we believe it's possible (in fact absolutely essential) to transform your eating habits and relationship with food, without forcing you to follow any specific diet regime.

Quite simply, nutrition must start with you, not with the food.

A diet should be unique; tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle. There is no universal 'best' diet that works for everyone, and this is because we are all very different.

That's why the best diet for you is actually the one that works best....for you.

Go figure!

And the only way we can help you discover your most healthy eating style is to consider all of the factors that make you (nutritionally) unique:

  • Your health
    Some of our clients are in reasonably good health; while others have various medical conditions.

  • Your metabolism
    Some clients have hormonal and metabolic imbalances; others do not.

  • Your body type
    Some clients are obese; others aren't overweight at all. Most are somewhere in-between.

  • Your likes and dislikes
    Some clients hate veggies and just eat meat; others are vegetarian; while others prefer the convenience of packaged foods.

  • Your individual nutritional requirements
    Factors such as age, gender, health and medication use mean that some of our clients have more specific nutritional needs that must be considered.

  • Your allergies or sensitivities (if any)
    Some clients are gluten intolerant; others need to avoid lactose or specific food additives; while most others don't have any exclusions at all.

  • Your time demands
    Some of our clients have all the time in the world; while others are so busy they have absolutely no time for self-care.

  • Your daily schedule and work situation
    Some clients work 9-5; others are shift-workers; some have flexible schedules; others are retired or don't work at all.

  • Your family situation
    Some of our clients are busy mums with young kids; others have fussy teenagers; while others live alone.

  • Your cooking abilities
    Some clients really struggle in the kitchen; while others can confidently cook up a storm.

  • Your finances and food budget
    Some clients can afford to purchase organic foods, but most cannot.

  • Your stress level
    Some clients come to us highly stressed; others don't have a care in the world.

  • Your physical activity level
    Some clients just walk; some work out in the gym; while others come to us doing absolutely nothing at all.

  • and so on....

You get the idea.

We are all different. And that's exactly why our diets also need to be.

There's simply no way we can recommend a simple one-size-fits-all dietary approach when our clients have so much diversity.

Let's put it another way. A rose bush and a cactus are very different plants and yet both are capable of producing beautiful flowers. Would you expect a rose and a cactus to thrive under exactly the same conditions? Of course not! It is the same with nutrition and human beings.

Start here: get the basics right

It is important to note that when we speak of a 'diet' or 'dietary approach' we are referring to a flexible pattern of eating, not a rigid set of rules.

Just as each plant requires different care in order to thrive, they still require the same basic elements: sun, dirt and water. People may have different preferences or beliefs about food but there are a few basics that we have to get right if we too are to thrive (and reach our most healthy weight).

There are several key components common to all successful dietary approaches:

1. Attention and awareness
The biggest barriers to achieving your most healthy weight are indifference, distraction and lack of awareness. If you simply don't care about what goes into your body, you'll make poor choices, plain and simple.
The fact is, as soon as you bring more awareness to your eating habits, you're much more likely to lose fat and get healthy. And it doesn't seem to matter what you choose to focus on...reducing sugar, increasing vegetables, increasing protein, increasing fat, decreasing fat, going organic, avoiding animal foods, reading food labels, eating more often, eating less can all work.
Here's the deal. Simply being more aware of your choices is actually more important that the actual choice you make.
Seems weird, but it's true.

2. Food Quality
Let's be honest, no sensible dietary approach will ever encourage you to eat more processed junk food packed full of sugars, hydrogenated fats and preservatives. You're much more likely to succeed when you eat more whole, minimally processed, nutrient-rich foods. It doesn't matter if it's carbs, protein or fat; or whether you're a vegan, a meat lover or something else altogether. Increase the quality of what you're eating and you'll see results. Guaranteed.

3. Moderation
A funny thing happens when you raise your awareness and eat high quality, fresh, whole foods. You will naturally correct any nutritional deficiencies that lead to cravings, you will feel more satisfied, eat less food, and you will have more energy. That's what we call sustainable calorie control (or eating in moderation) without the laborious calorie counting! Gotta love that!

4. Diversity
All successful dietary approaches recognise that focusing entirely on food and nutrition is not enough. For good health and lasting weight loss success you also need to ensure you are obtaining enough quality exercise, sleep, rest and relaxation. It's not just about diet. Research tells us your other lifestyle habits also significantly determine whether your body will prefer to burn fat or store it.

Here's what we know

  • Nutrition is not always an exact science, and there's still more we don't know than what we do.

  • There is no universal one-size-fits-all diet that can work for everybody.

  • Start by creating a solid foundation by getting the fundamentals in place (focus on awareness, food quality, moderation, diversity).

  • A flexible approach based on developing sustainable nutritional habits, rather than simply following a list of rigid diet rules and forbidden foods, is the key to long-term success.

  • The best nutritional approach is the one that is tailored just for you.

  • Ignore what the media are reporting. Forget what worked for somebody else. And don't get too bogged down with the latest research study. In the end, the only thing that counts is what actually works for you and your body.

In reality it looks like this

We believe that nutrition is about finding what actually works. To do this, we need to become curious about you and what makes your body tick.
We listen to your needs, find out what you want to achieve and then work with you to create a dietary approach that suits your goals and lifestyle.

We take a 360-degree look at your life. We take into account your metabolic health, medical history, family situation, life demands, stress levels, work situation, income level, cooking experience, time availability, physical activity and a whole lot more. We are here to help you as an individual.

Whether you are a single mum with three kids and a full time job or a former athlete who has fallen off the wagon, we can help you find your way back. Whether you are an overstressed executive constantly on the move or retired grandparent who wants to stay healthy for their grandkids, Breakfree can help you make sense of it all and create lasting change and weight loss success.

Admittedly, the Breakfree approach is not a fashionable one.

  • We don't subscribe to any one particular style of eating over another.

  • We don't believe some foods are irredeemably bad or off-limits (unless, of course, you have specific allergies, sensitivities or certain medical conditions).

  • We're not going to demonise your favourite foods.

  • We certainly don't try to force every client into the same, limited eating plan.

  • We're not going to give you strict rules that you can't maintain in the long run. Instead, our coaching takes the form of an empowering process than enables you to build a series of sustainable habits over time.

By tailoring your nutritional plan to match your particular lifestyle and metabolic realities, we respect this fundamental truth about our bodies: they are not all the same.

Sure, our process isn't black and white; it's highly personalised, innately holistic and completely flexible. It's also the only common sense and rational approach that gets the results our client's are searching for.

So when you've tried enough diets, read enough books, searched enough websites, or joined enough programs...and yet still find yourself struggling to make progress, please get in touch so we can show you an alternative approach that actually works.

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