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What Really Works for Lasting Weight Loss Success? And Are You Missing this Key Element?

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What's the real solution to weight loss success?The single largest key to success has nothing to do with your diet, exercise or mindset.

If you were asked to choose the most important factor critical for weight loss success, you'd be forgiven for thinking it had something to do what you're eating, how you're exercising; or possibly even about having the right mindset or motivation.

But in reality, when we take a closer look at those people who have been able to reach and maintain their most healthy weight over the long term, we notice that the key to their success is actually something else altogether.

But before answering this question, let's take a look at what doesn't work:

  • Nutritional and detox supplements that claim to burn fat while you sleep

  • Pushing yourself harder and harder in the gym or on the treadmill, in the hope that one day you'll eventually burn enough calories for the fat to melt away forever

  • The latest shiny piece of home exercise equipment that promises you'll be able to lose fat and gain muscle in as little as 10 minutes a day

  • The new diet program that guarantees to transform your body by giving you a bunch of new rules to follow, a list of favourite foods you now have to eliminate, and a swag of recipes you're expected to cook and enjoy eating

  • And a lot of other stuff....but you get the picture.

Have you noticed that all these methods actually share a lot in common?

  • They fail to recognise you as an individual
    How could any approach to better weight management that isn't tailored to your own unique metabolic and lifestyle differences be expected to work over the long term?
    One-size-fits-all solutions simply don't work for most people.

  • They lack vigorous scientific evidence
    Just realise there's a huge difference between approaches based on scientific research, and those born out of marketing hype.

  • They're unsustainable
    Let's face it; no one uses these weight loss methods forever. They all have an expiry date. And it's usually sooner rather than later.

  • They treat the symptoms, not the cause
    For any weight loss approach to work in the long run, it must firstly identify the underlying (and often unique) reasons for your struggles; and then show you how to create and maintain a range of key, targeted lifestyle habits that will successfully address them.

Here's what works

There's absolutely no doubt that your mindset, how and what you eat, how you exercise and move your body, and the ways you cope with stress (and manage life's never ending challenges) are all critically important for long term weight loss success.
And here at Breakfree, we definitely make sure our clients have all the right knowledge and skills when it comes to all of these things.

But there's something else that's even far more important than knowing all this stuff.

The most successful people are those who obtain the right support and accountability.

This concept isn't unique to weight loss. It's actually true with anything in life.

No matter what you're actually trying to achieve, you'll be far more successful, and reach your goals a lot sooner, if you have someone else (such as a mentor or coach) gently pushing you to get there.

The evidence for this is overwhelming.

People who use mentors and coaches:

  • receive regular constructive feedback

  • feel validated and supported

  • can figure things out a lot faster

  • make a lot less mistakes

  • can overcome obstacles more effectively

  • know how to stay on track

  • remain focused and accountable

  • stay consistent

  • are driven to succeed

Quit trying to work it all out on your own

Let's be honest. In order to get back in charge of your body and your weight you're going to need to do things differently. Perhaps many things differently.

Managing your weight effectively comes down to how successful you are in making various moment-to-moment choices from one day to the next.

Unfortunately, most of these choices are automatic. They just happen out of habit.
And that's not your fault. It's just the way our brain functions.

When you come home from work after a hectic day and reach for the cookies, it's a hardwired response that's driving this behaviour. When your alarm clock goes off 30 minutes earlier and you talk yourself out of going for that walk, it's your automatic and reactive brain that's shouting at you to stay in bed.

Here's the truth

You can't just change these habitual, ingrained, and automatic behabiours by simply taking a pill, joining a gym, going on a diet, reading a book, or researching online.

Ask yourself, "if it was as simple as that, wouldn't I have already done it by now?"

Lifestyle habits are notoriously slow (and difficult) to change.
No amount of reading, researching, thinking, dreaming, wishing, or experimenting with quick-fix strategies will ever be able to re-wire the part of your brain that's responsible for your current choices, habits, actions and behaviours.

Here at Breakfree, we do things very differently

The only sure-fire way to change the way you're currently doing things and create a series of new habits that will get you to your most healthy weight is to work with someone who can give you constant feedback and advice, keep you focused and supported, prepare you mentally, hold you accountable, keep you consistent, maintain your momentum, and push you to succeed.

That's what we do. 

We provide life changing, science-based, health coaching that works.

See and hear for yourself. Check out what our clients are saying about us here.

You may have heard of the saying that "you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with."

Are you spending at least part of your time with someone who has the willingness, expertise and training to get you to your weight loss goals?

Or are you mostly mixing with people who seem to be taking you further and further away from what you're really trying to achieve?

Who's in your corner showing you the way?

Remember, with the right support and accountability, absolutely anyone can succeed.

The Bottom Line

We all sometimes struggle with staying consistent with healthy eating and regular exercise, particularly when life gets busy and stressful.

But without consistency, your progress will stall.

By far the most effective way to lose weight and keep it off is to find someone who can show you how it's done; someone who can keep you supported, focused, and accountable; someone you can trust and seek advice; someone who can keep you on track when life gets difficult; someone who's always on your team.

If you know of a friend, relative, workmate, or acquaintance that fits the bill and is willing to help, then go for it.

If not, then simply get in touch with us. We're literally only a phone call or email away.

Book a FREE Strategy Session 

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