What Makes Breakfree So Different?

Your weight loss program is tailored just for you Tailored Just for You

Everyone's reason for losing weight and finding a healthier 'you' is different. 

We all have different starting points, goals, challenges, needs, and preferences; and no two metabolisms are the same.
Quite simply, everyone's weight loss journey is different.

Forget the one-size-fits-all approach that will never deliver lasting results. 

We will create a program uniquely tailored to your own individual circumstances, health, fitness, challenges, motivations, emotions, habits and lifestyle.

So instead of you trying to fit the program, we'll make sure your program fits you.

A Smarter Plan Get a smarter plan for weight loss that lasts

No diets. No shakes. No pills. No gimmicks. No unrealistic exercise plans. No short term quick fixes.

The diet and weight loss industry frequently makes claims of losing weight quickly, easily, and often dramatically.
But if losing weight – and keeping it off – was as easy as popping a pill or following a few simple diet rules, no one would be overweight and unhealthy. Would they?

To reach and maintain your most healthy weight requires an approach that deals with the causes and not just the symptoms.

Instead of setting you up for failure, we will help you set realistic goals and create a realistic plan that fits in with your own life circumstances.
We will focus on your individual challenges and give you the tools, skills and strategies to make a real difference in your life, for good.

The end goal isn't short term weight loss; but rather a series of small, sustainable changes and habits, that you'll be able to maintain over time.

Weight Loss Support & Accountability 1-on-1 Support & Accountability

We all start out with the best intentions; but we know most weight loss plans fail because 'life' simply gets in the way and your motivation falls away.

That's why your weekly one-on-one Breakfree Strategy Sessions and the unlimited support from your personal coach (via telephone, email and SMS) will guarantee success by keeping you accountable and on track.


We Show You How We show you how to make lasting changes stick

No one likes being 'told' what to do. And it simply doesn't work with weight loss.
That's why many other weight loss programs fail to deliver lasting results.
They look forward to the 'return' business when you've stacked all the weight you lost back on.

Here at Breakfree, we're more interested in showing you step-by-step exactly how to succeed for the long term.
Don't take this the wrong way. Once we've helped you achieve your goal, we'd rather not see you again.You won't need us!

Your health coach will focus on showing you how to overcome any internal blocks (self-talk, fears, doubts, emotions, procrastination) and any external challenges (time, other people, 'stuff') that may be keeping you stuck and undermining your progress.

Once you've identified what factors are stopping you from being the very best you can be, and created strategies to deal with them, you're well on your way to long term success with your weight and health.

We will show you that when armed with a few vital skills and a different focus, you'll be able to achieve some remarkable results.

Willpower is not a reliable strategy for lasting weight loss success No Willpower Required

Willpower is a fickle beast. Sure, it will get you revved up and gung-ho about kick-starting your weight loss.
But sooner or later, willpower gets a little 'over it' and it just runs out.

Lifestyle change is never easy, but it certainly doesn't need to involve pain, hardship, deprivation or extreme self-control.

That's why Breakfree will show you how to create an environment where the best choice for your weight is always the easy and obvious one.
No willpower required.

We Give You Skillpower Learn the skills for weight loss that lasts

Anyone can lose weight - even with the craziest strategy.
But keeping it off requires a completely different set of skills.

In fact, for long term weight loss success, research tells us there is something else just as important as your diet and exercise habits.
And that is the way you respond to the stresses of life....the methods, strategies, and coping skills you rely on to manage things when life gets challenging.

That's why we'll teach you how to be solution-focused and remain committed (even when your motivation fails); how to be self-accountable and deal with setbacks; how to overcome self-sabotaging habits like perfectionism, procrastination and mindless eating; how to better respond to your own unhelpful thoughts and emotions; and how to manage stress and set clear boundaries with others.

These are all skills you can learn.
And they add up to making your weight loss a reality – and a lasting one, at that.

Breakfree Weight Loss is based on science, not fads Based on Science

Breakfree's program encompasses the latest findings and proven strategies from the fields of lifestyle medicine, health coaching, mind-body medicine, neuroplasticity, epigenetics, Acceptance and Commitment Training, and behaviour change psychology.

This is how we can create an evidence based and fully tailored program to address your physical, emotional and motivational struggles with weight - 100% fad free.

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