What is it Like to Work with a Breakfree Health Coach?

In simple terms, your Breakfree Health Coach is someone who can help you get to wherever it is you want to go wth your health and weight.

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They will show you how to efficiently get back in charge of your body; reach (and maintain) your confident healthy weight; enhance your wellbeing; and create a rich, full and meaningful life where your weight is no longer the focus.

You will be working smarter, not harder.
Your coach will focus your energy on where it will be best utilised, and will get you to stop wasting your time on stuff that doesn't work.
They will show you how to set up new sustainable habits that will get the results you are after.

Your coach will get you to see past your frustrations and the old patterns and habits that are no longer serving you, so that you can discover a new way that wouldn't have been possible on your own.

We understand there's a huge difference between knowing what needs to be done and actually doing it.
That is why your Breakfree Health Coach will focus on real solutions and real results.
They will help you to clarify and overcome the things that are keeping you stuck and holding you back (challenges, life circumstances, self-sabotaging mindsets and emotions) so that you will always be ready to take the next step.

Your coach will always be your biggest ally and will partner with you to achieve your weight loss goals and live the best life possible.
They will always be in your corner as a constant source of support and encouragement.

But they will also provide honest feedback and tell you the hard truth when it's needed.
They will hold you to your highest commitments and keep you accountable and on track.
But rest assured they're nothing like a personal trainer at a boot camp either – they're not going to be yelling at you from the sidelines, pushing for you to work harder and harder; but will partner with you in whatever way works best.

So when you decide to team up with a Breakfree Health Coach, you will be working with someone who has the knowledge, skills and expertise to:

  • pinpoint the obstacles and barriers that are keeping you stuck;

  • create a tailored plan that will get you to where you want to go with your health and weight;

  • show you exactly how to implement the plan;

  • prepare you for the challenges that 'life' will inevitably deliver;

  • address any thinking and emotional roadblocks that threaten to derail your progress;

  • keep you focused, accountable and on track (even when your motivation falls); and

  • provide you with the necessary skills, tools and strategies that will enable you to become as independent as possible as quickly as possible.


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