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Unfortunately there is a wide variation in both the type and quality of services being promoted for weight loss.
It is a very confusing marketplace.

Here at Breakfree, we have gone to great lengths to carefully explain (and support with evidence) our approach to long term weight management.

We stand by the programs we provide and make ourselves accountable for the services we offer.

Quite simply, we are committed to providing exceptional and transformational experiences that deliver outstanding rersults.

Now, while we can't guarantee that you're going to reach your 'ideal' weight, or experience the same results that our other clients receive (because we can't actually force you to take the steps, implement the strategies and do the work that is required), we still offer a rock solid money back satisfaction guarantee.

If after working with us for the entire 6 months, you're not satisfied with your progress, we will gladly refund your investment in full.


For 6 months we will give you everything you need to eat, look, feel and perform better than you ever thought possible...or it's free.
The guarantee is there for two reasons. Firstly, it fully protects those who are willing to step up, take action and do the work. And secondly, it ensures that we remain personally committed to the success of each and every client we work with. It's a win-win.
Of course, if you're not serious about doing the work to build the habits and learn the skills to transform your body and life, please do not enroll in this program.



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