Why Use a Health Coach?

Why should I use a Health Coach?

Can't I simply read a diet book or get the information for free from the internet?

A Breakfree Health Coach will fast track your successLet's be honest here...if reaching your confident healthy weight was simply a matter of reading a few books or online articles, wouldn't you have done it it by now?

When you do a search for 'weight loss' in the Amazon online book store, you're presented with over 14,000 results.
A similar Google search will return more than 95 million!

More information isn't the answer. It would only make you even more confused and overwhelmed.
Quite simply, information overload keeps you stuck.

And if you've been on and off countless diets over the years, without success, searching for and starting yet another diet program can't be the answer.

When we work with our clients, we find that the vast majority aren't lacking knowledge. They intuitively know what they should be doing. 

What they are really lacking is guidance and support.

  • Someone who can help them make sense of all the conflicting information and advice.

  • Someone who can help them figure out what will actually work for them.

  • Someone who can help them troubleshoot, problem solve, and figure out the key things they need to be doing differently.

  • Someone who can show them exactly how to make lasting lifestyle changes and put all their weight management knowledge into practice (and not someone who simply tells them what to do).

  • Someone who can support them through the change process and keep them accountable, focused, consistent, and on track.

  • Someone who can help them bust through any mindset, thinking, and motivational barriers that often get in the way.

  • Someone who can help them overcome the inevitable difficulties, challenges, and roadblocks along the path to lasting success.

This is health coaching...and it's not something you will ever find in a book or blog article; or by going on a diet or joining a gym.

But this is exactly what we do here at Breakfree.

It's not that reading books, referring to websites, or enroling in courses is bad.
It's just that these things rarely, if ever, lead to lasting change and weight loss success.

Success doesn't come from simply gathering information.

It only occurs through effective, focused, consistent and purposeful action.
And this is difficult to achieve all on your own.

The whole point of using a health coach is to fast track your success.
You don't have to battle on trying to figure this all out for yourself.

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So when you've tried enough diets, read enough books, searched enough websites, or joined enough programs...and yet still find yourself struggling to make progress, please get in touch so we can show you an alternative approach that actually works.

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