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Book a free Strategy Session with one of our Health CoachesThe best way to learn more about the Breakfree approach, and to discuss your personal situation and individual challenges, is to schedule a FREE 1 hour Strategy Session with our Program Direcor or one of our qualified Health Coaches.

This session is completely FREE of charge and FREE of any obligation to become a client of the Breakfree Program.

It's simply an opportunity for both of us to determine if Breakfree would be a good fit for you.

We can run these sessions either in person at the Breakfree Clinic in Adelaide, or over the telephone.

How do I book a Free Strategy Session?

To book a free Strategy Session you can either:

  • Select and book an available session right now by visiting our automated online Appointment Scheduler

    Book Now!           or

  • Call us on 1300 39 40 50

What will we discuss during my Strategy Session?

Here's an example of what we can discuss during your free session:

  • Understand exactly why you've been struggling with your weight and which vicious cycles you're currently stuck in;

  • Discover the real reason behind why dieting and exercising have not helped;

  • Discover why most people don't succeed at long term weight control and how you can avoid making the same mistakes;

  • Uncover the hidden challenges and barriers that have been sabotaging your weight loss efforts so far;

  • Discover the 5 most important questions you must ask yourself to identify the key skills and strategies you will need for long term success;

  • Discover the 7 critical elements you will need to master in order to achieve your healthy weight for life (and they don't include diet or exercise);

  • Learn at least one new strategy and action step (designed during the session specifically for you) that you can apply right away for immediate benefits;

  • Finally gain the clarity and direction you've been searching for;

  • Ask as many questions as you need; and

  • Leave the session feeling empowered, motivated and ready to create the results you've only been able to dream about.

We all know the journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step.
Likewise, the path to your healthy, confident weight and results that last begins when we have a chat.

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